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Phat Fish Clothing

Phat Fish Clothing

Full Description

Phat Fish Clothing arrived on the scene in January 2012 making a big impact, here we are a year on hopefully a little bit wiser to the needs and demands of you guys out there on the bank. Our fundamental aim has not changed since our launch and that is to produce top quality garments at an affordable and competitive price. The most important aspect of any Phat Fish product is QUALITY and this is what we strive to achieve on every occasion.

We have a team of dedicated consultants continuously giving us feedback and fresh ideas. Due to the quality of Phat Fish garments we have attracted some of the biggest names in angling who are out there on a daily basis wearing the brand. We have recently taken on a number of European consultants who have also been extremely impressed by the quality and vision of the company. Moving forward into 2013 we will be bringing out some new and unique designs and continuing to deliver the high standards of both product and customer service that The Phat Fish Clothing brand is associated with.

Remember it’s ‘PH’ Phat!

Full Address

Phat Fish Clothing Ltd, The Willows, Watery Lane, Astbury, Cheshire, CW12 3NP

Phone Number

01260 280 315

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